Let’s Talk About Heaven (and God’s perfect gift)

God's perfect gift

Why should God let me into heaven?

why should god let me into heavenHave you ever wrestled with the question if God should let you into heaven? I have just completed reading Ephesians with my dear friend, and if you want to read the gospel wrapped up in a nice little bow, read the first 3 chapters of Ephesians. In reading this beautiful book, it reminded me of the depth of grace.

So today in my new post on Candidly Christian, I am reflecting on Jesus, and heaven, and the magnitude of His grace.


In Case You Missed It!

Candidly Christian just held their first conference, Let’s Celebrate Jesus, and I had the honor of sharing a heartfelt message about what I have learned about friendship by reading about Naomi. I also had the blessing of discussing identity with Dawn Kelley, and we are still both reflecting on that conversation!

To view these sessions, and more, visit letscelebreatejesus.com.

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