Why God’s Holiness Brings Me Comfort

why gods holiness brings me comfort

I was reading about the Lord’s prayer in Luke 11 today. Jesus’ disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray. And I was caught by how Jesus opens His prayer. Father, hallowed be your name. This week I had thought a lot about holiness, and what that means. God being holy seems like an intimidating thought for so many, because we see how far short we fall. I have definitely been there myself, being consumed with how unworthy I am. But as I was reading about God’s holiness I was comforted by that aspect of God. And so today I share with you, why God’s holiness brings me comfort. It makes me feel deeply loved. Beloved.

Our Father, who we are told by Jesus, to call out to in prayer, is Holy. Set a part from all else. In Him there is not a speck of darkness. My Bible app translates the word “hallow” as holy, perfect, pure to the fullest. And separated from profane things.

Why God’s holiness brings me comfort…

This Holy One, we get to call Father. And if comforts me that He is holy, because the Holy One carries us, and is with us, and goes before us, and calls us by name. What peace that can bring us. We aren’t carried by any darkness but only by glorious light. There is no shadow of fear, or uncertainty in Him. No doubt, or lack of confidence. 

I can be found guilty of not remembering who God is, and who He has always been. But this is our Father, our creator, guardian, and protector. If were to do a spiritual DNA test to show our spiritual ancestry, God would be the beginning. And we are His descendants.

We are descendants of a Holy God. And that is just beautiful. 

1 Peter 2:9 says that we a chosen people. A royal priesthood. Holy nation, God’s own possession. And the ones that He called out of darkness into marvelous light are to declare His praise. What I put in bold in actually in caps in the Greek translation. That means Peter didn’t want the readers of his letter to miss this point. It was important and not to be skimmed over. Same goes for us.

As His descendants, we are also told to come to Him like children. And that sounds all nice and great, but what does that even mean? That question tripped me up. I know exactly what Jesus said, but what does that look like for me, in my life? Because I can often be found coming to Jesus like an adult. An adult who knows exactly what can go wrong in every single situation, like Jesus doesn’t hold all things together and isn’t fully in control.

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

And then I thought of Charlie and Olivia. Each morning I put them on the bus. They go on willingly trusting that they are going to get to their destination. 

They don’t question me or have the same fears that I do. “What happens if the bus gets in an accident?” “What happens if someone is mean on the bus to my kids?…. There is only one bus driver and like 30 kids on the bus, how can he control them all?” “What happens if something happens at school?”

All the questions that can run through my mind sometimes. 

But my kids get on the bus with joy, trusting the bus driver will take them to their destination and then back home again after school. 

I guess that is what being like a child is like. Putting aside approaching Jesus like an adult. Believing that He is in control, and holds all things together. Hoping against hope. Trusting that God will guide us to our desired haven, whether that is where God is leading us in life, or the day that He will welcome us into heaven when our time on earth is done. And believing that He will provide our every daily needs.

Our God’s, our Father’s provision comes daily. \Our daily bread, as we need it. He did it for the Israelites, and will do it for us. 

He will never not be holy, or good, or set a part. God will never run from us in our time of need. It is not His nature to do so. He will be close, He will come to us, because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 

My prayer for us all is this. May His holiness give us peace and comfort, so we can come to Him as children, fully trusting in who He is, so we can live how He created us, as His adopted, and chosen daughters, who deeply know their unfailing Father.

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