For The Weary

I was one who was told back in my 20’s that because of health reasons I may never carry a child to full term. During both of my pregnancies I was watched carefully to monitor signs of preterm labor.  Although during the pregnancies I had peace that passed all understanding,   being monitored closely and having to go to the doctors so much can make a person a bit weary. That is how I felt. Not worried, or anxious. Weary. 

and-suddenly-there-appeared-with-the-angel-a-great-multitude-of-the-heavenly-host-praising-god-2Regardless of the risks of preterm labor, God was gracious and allowed me to carry both of my children to full term. I delivered Charlie at a little over 37 weeks and when he was born the nurses took him and cleaned him before bringing him to me. When Olivia was born at almost 40 weeks the doctor laid her on my lap with all that gook on her and said “happy birthday!”  Apparently I wasn’t smiling with happiness as the doctor and nurses were. Honestly, besides being confused as to why they laid her on my lap and not cleaning her, after the risk of preterm labor the most prominent emotion I was feeling wasn’t happiness. It was relief. Sweet relief that she was here. Relief that she was healthy. Relief that God has the final say. I couldn’t be more thankful that He was with us the entire time and that He is allowing us to parent both Charlie and Olivia. 

Before Jesus came, mankind was separated from a relationship with God. I have been wondering what it would have felt like to live in a time before Jesus was bornand-suddenly-there-appeared-with-the-angel-a-great-multitude-of-the-heavenly-host-praising-god-1. I know what it feels like to live a life apart from God, so I can imagine the world felt a bit dark and weary waiting for the promised King, the One who is described in the Old Testament as the Prince of Peace. Then He was born. Peace on earth. Different people had different reactions to the birth of Jesus. Some were amazed at the news of His birth, and I am sure many felt relief. Mary treasured the moments in her heart, the wise men saw the worth of Christ and fell to their knees in worship, and the angels sang praises to God. What is your reaction to the birth of Jesus? I remember the first Christmas that the impact of Jesus birth really hit me. I remember being in awe of God’s love for us. This act of love felt like the greatest gift anyone could have ever offered me. Even in the weary times it continues to be so. The world can still feel weary at times, and God never promised a world without trouble, but in this weary world He sent His only Son to bring peace, and to reveal to a sinful world what love truly is. That is true love. What a good good Father. Just like Mary, the wise men, and the heaven hosts we all have a reaction to hearing and remembering when God sent Jesus to earth to be born in a stable. 

During this Christmas season, take time to reflect on who Jesus is. Remember the time when you first truly heard of His birth and what your reaction was to that act of love. and-mary-treasured-these-things-in-her-heartTreasure that in your heart. Give praises to our God who fulfills His word and didn’t leave us without a Hope that will never fade. Give your life to the One who can bring peace to your anxious heart. Pray to the One who brings relief to your weariness. Follow the One who provides joy in this broken world. Believe in the One who came to earth as a baby to show the world what and who love is. Jesus. 

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