To The Woman Who Wishes Mother’s Day Was Over Before It Began

Dear Daughter Of The One True King (Jesus),

You were the face in the crowd on Thursday night at the worship concert we were at. The worship team felt lead to pray for those who were struggling with infertility in the room. In that moment they asked all of the women who had overcome infertility to stand, so we could all see God’s faithfulness in the lives of those around us. Many women stood. And we wanted to celebrate God’s goodness, especially coming into Mother’s Day weekend.

But as I looked around the room in hopes to marvel at God’s faithfulness, my eyes were locked on you. I will never know your name, but I saw your struggle so deeply, and I watched as you wept as your husband extended his arm around you in grace. I knew the look in your eye, and that the desire God had put in your heart for a baby, was met with disappointment after disappointment. The thought of looking around the room to see God’s faithfulness in other women was too much for you. Because I wonder if in that moment, you wondered if God’s faithfulness was for everyone else in the room but you.

I wrote 3 words on my phone for you and passed it through the row. “Believe for it”. And I believe those words were for you. In that moment your face changed. Maybe there was hope. Maybe you knew that God saw you. Maybe… the flicker of hope that was in your heart, but was quickly fading, was softly reignited.

Your husband read the message too, and took my hand and looked me in the eye and said “thank you”.

This message is for you. The woman who believes that God’s faithfulness is for everyone else, but you.

You, who so deeply desires to be a mother, but just can’t conceive a child or carry a child.

You, who has prayed with every breath you have, and have done every thing you can, and still get negative test results.

You, who carries shame because you feel like there is something wrong with you, because you never see the positive sign on a test.

You, believes that someone else’s blessing, has taken away from yours.

You, the one who dreads hearing the words “Happy Mother’s Day” at church because the hurt of not carrying a baby of your own is too painful to bear.

Today, I want you to know that you are seen. And there is no condemnation is Christ. The shame is not for you to bear, when you have a loving Father who sent His son to die for you, so you can have everlasting life.

He is familiar with pain. Jesus was a man of suffering. And His father is the God who sees the depth of your heart. The One who doesn’t delay. The One who isn’t holding out a blessing, because He is punishing you.

His love goes deeper than death, and His grace runs deeper than our pain. The One whose promise is true, and His goodness is everlasting.

He goes before you. He comforts you like the child you long to hold in your arms to comfort.

Trust in His goodness, and faithfulness. He will never abandon you. He will always be with you, and He holds all your tears in His bottle.

Today, all I want to say is 3 more words. You are loved. Infinitely, and without condition, because He knit you together in your mother’s womb. And His plan and purpose for your life is good, because He is good.

Be still and know He is God.

In His Embrace,

Jessica Lyn


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