Through The Eyes Of Love

I was driving the other day and was noticing the beauty of the sky. It was painted with pinks and blues, and was breathtaking. For me when looking at the sky, especially the night sky when you can see the stars, I can feel a bit small compared to it’s immensity. When compared to creation I can also feel a bit insignificant. When God created the heavens and the earth, He called it good. He called it good after He made man and woman too. If I’m honest though, I don’t often see myself as being made “good”. I see my flaws. So does God, how can He love me? Did I mention my flaws? I see my flaws, how can He call me beautiful?

dsc_0842When Olivia was born, Mike couldn’t stop staring at her. She seemed so tiny, but she was incredibly loved. It was pointed out to us when she was born though that her foot was a little turned out (her foot has corrected itself since birth). The thought was that it was like that because of how she was positioned in my belly. Even so she was perfect in his eyes and his love for his little girl continues to be unmatched. He adores her, and constantly calls her beautiful. She is his.

I think that a lot of us focus on our outward flaws. I wish I had straight hair. I wish I had curly hair. I wish I didn’t have freckles. I wish I had freckles. I wish my eyes were smaller. I wish I was shorter. I wish I were taller. I don’t like that mole that is visible. That birth mark gets me insecure. I see and am, reminded of my flaws constantly. My deformed feet. My imperfect complexion. The freckles that come out in the summer. Did I mention my feet that people constantly ask about?


I see my flaws, but you know the truth? The truth is that the hands that created the beauty of the sky and called it good, are the same hands that created you, and are the hands of the One who loves you and calls you beautiful. Compared to the immensity of the universe, you may feel quite small. But He sees you through the eyes of love. Beautiful one, in His eyes, you are known and are you loved. You are His.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made
Psalm 139:14

When Charlie looks at himself in the mirror he smiles. He likes what he sees.  He doesn’t know our idea of flaws yet. I can only imagine that he sees himself more like God sees him. Wonderfully made. I want to see myself like that. Do you? I want to feel what Charlie feels when he looks at himself in the mirror, when David praises God because he is fearfully and wonderfully made, and when God whispers to my soul and your soul I wouldn’t change a thing about you. Like my hands created the heavens and placed all the stars in the sky in their place, I put every bone in your body and every hair on your head in its place. No, I wouldn’t change a thing about you, my daughter. You are my masterpiece, fearfully and wonderfully made. 

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