“This Is My Gift To You”

I love my son… Before I had him I couldn’t imagine how much I would love him.  I love watching him discover new things, I love listening to him giggle and laugh, and trying to pronounce new words.  But I think all moms will agree with me when I say I love nap time… or when Charlie sleeps later than normal.  Last Friday, Charlie decided to sleep in.  I woke up at 7:45 and thought since he was still sleeping I would take a shower.  When I got out I went down and cooked breakfast, sure that by the time I was done he would be awake.  Well this kid slept until 9:20 (unheard of in my house).  I was trying to get some things done before he woke up and I felt like God was saying to me “This is my gift to you.”  For anyone who knows, the past few months have been one thing after another for us, and I had been praying for relief for a few weeks.  During the week prior, I felt like relief had been coming in waves, and this time definitely felt like a breathe of fresh air.  So I slowed down and enjoyed the time while cleaning the kitchen, writing out a few cards, and wrapping a few presents.

What Kind of King leaves His throne to live among His people?

This time really got me thinking of the coming King, and preparing for His birth.  He would be born to be King, but what kind of King leaves His throne to live among His people?  When I think of a king, I think of someone who sits on his throne and over sees his people.  Someone distant from the land he rules, and not very knowledgeable  of the every day life of the people.  But this King would be different.  This King came to earth to restore our relationship with the Father.  He perfectly came to live among His people, to serve His people, to love His people, to speak life into His people, to bring hope to those who are lost, joy to those who are hurt and broken, peace to the troubled soul.  I said in a previous post (Celebrating a Baby) that I believe that God has a gift for you this Christmas season.  The gift that I was praying for was relief, and He was generously been pouring out relief on me and my family… still is.  For you His gift may be peace, or restoration of a broken relationship, forgiveness, joy, stability, or calming your sea…  today reflect on the King who came from Heaven to earth to live life among His people, and prepare for what He has for you tomorrow.  The greatest gift that you can receive on Christmas is the gift that He has for you, that only He can give you.

“My Son has come into the world, but, do you know who he really is?”

Here is a letter that I found while Googling. It is based on the sixth chapter of a book called Letters from Home, Our Father’s Message of Love. This letter is called My Son, the Christ.  The letter is all scripture about who Jesus is:

My hope is that you read this as God’s love letter to you!  Merry Christmas.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
Isaiah 9:6

My Dear Child,

I am writing so that you may believe that Jesus is my Son, by believing this you can have everlasting life in his wonderful name.

Out of my love, I will forever encourage you and give you hope. To save you from your sins, I sent my Son. He who was without sin came to earth to take away your sins. He came to do my will.

As my dear children are human beings, made of flesh and blood, my Son also shared in the same. He did not become a sinful man, but its very likeness, so he could be your sacrifice for sin and truly destroy the sin within you all. He came to remove all your sins.

My Son has come into the world, but, do you know who he really is? He is my firstborn, superior over all creation; he has been with me from before the beginning, and through him all things have been created; nothing exists that has not been made by him.

He is the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last. He is Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace and Lord of all, the Holy One, the Word, your Lord and your God. His name is above all other names, for he is the Holy and Righteous One.

He came into the world to save you and to bring you home to me.  For he alone is the way to me; he alone is the Truth and the Life. He is God over all and my very own Son—listen to him!

Some thought him to be a mere man and some still do, for there are many who do not believe that the Christ has come. They try to deceive even my chosen ones—if that were possible. No, in Christ, the fullness of my nature lives in the form of a man. He is the very image of myself and perfectly represents me in all ways. When you really know Jesus, you will also know me. He knows all things, for in him are great treasures: hidden wisdom and knowledge.

He is, and was, and is to come; he is the Almighty. We are one.

My Son has true humility, for, although he had the very nature of God and was like me in every way, he did not cling to his rights, demanding to keep this equality but my divine Word, my one and only Son, became human and lived among you. He left my side so that you may see his glory. He emptied himself and became like nothing; he took a servant’s nature and was made human.

My Son agreed to do my will: although he was wealthy, he became poor for you so that through his poverty you may become rich!

He shared the humanity of all my children and was directly descended from King David as I had promised. On earth, his father was known as Joseph and his mother’s name was Mary. His childhood was spent in Nazareth, and he was obedient to his parents. As the years passed he became strong and grew in wisdom, so much so that everyone was amazed at him. The man that people knew from Nazareth is the very same Man that mediates between you and me today.

He can fully identify with you, because he has also been tired, thirsty, hungry and tempted in every way. He can truly help you when you are tempted, for he too has suffered under temptation.

Come to Jesus, therefore, when you are weary and burdened with troubles and he will give you rest. Learn from my Son and find rest for your souls.

I anointed my Son with my Holy Spirit and was with him on earth.  He is gentle, with a humble heart, and everywhere he went he did good for I was with him.

His life on earth was one of prayer. Jesus prayed alone on mountainsides; he spent the night there, talking with me. Early in the morning, before it was yet light, he would rise and meet with me.  He prayed hard and made requests with tears, and because of his reverent submission, I heard him.

He taught at dawn, and the very words he spoke were my own.  He was always passionate about doing my work. He came and preached a message of peace to all, both near and far—through him everyone can come to me.

Whatever I do, my Son also does. And he has told you what he saw when he was in my company. It was through him that I made the universe.

Follow my Son, and you will surely live, even if you die, for he is the one who raises the dead and gives them life; he is the way to me.

You must understand, my child, that Christ is the way to your Father; no one comes to me except through him. Your salvation cannot be found in anyone else.

Jesus has become my wisdom for you: your holiness, righteousness and freedom from sin’s penalty. My child, take Jesus as your example and follow in his steps. If you say you live in him, you must walk as he did and speak as if your words are the very words of God. Do not have petty arguments and do not be resentful, but be kind to everyone.

Live a life of love, my child. The secret knowledge of the kingdom of heaven I give to you, for Christ is my mystery. Be therefore united in love and you will have complete understanding. For this joy, Jesus, my author and perfector of your faith, endured the shame of the cross—so fix your sight on him alone.

I have told you all this so that you may share in my joy. Fill your hearts and absorb my total joy within you so that you may be complete.

Love Your Father,
Almighty God

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