The Story Of Us

“He’s bugging out because I won’t give him a cookie” That is the text that I get from my husband right as I’m sitting down for my car to be serviced. I asked why he wouldn’t give Charlie a cookie and it was because he had already had two. Well that’s a good reason, but Charlie did not understand that. 

Back in my dating years, I can’t tell you how many times that I have felt like Charlie. How many times did I pray for the man I would marry and date guys that weren’t the one?  Even though I dated guys that were not the one for me… that didn’t mean that I didn’t pray that they were. At the time I could never see the reason why. There were guys that I really wanted to see a future with! There were some great guys… but God would say “not this one, I have something better”.

Every word of God is flawless
Proverbs 30:5

When Mike and I started dating, we had already been friends since grade school.  He is a few years younger than me, but grew up playing baseball with my brother during elementary school, and I grew up hanging out with his sister, Annemarie. I stayed close with Annemarie over the years, was in her wedding 10 years ago, and was asked to be her first daughters God-mother.  During those years, I could have never guessed that her brother would end up being my husband.  But as God would have it that changed at his 25th birthday gathering, although I will say that on a road trip to visit his sister the month before I remember noticing how it seemed like he really listened to me, and cared about my passions and dreams.  After his 25th birthday gathering I had a blind date.  His mom was so mad at me for going.  She kept saying “you can’t leave, you can’t leave.”  I did go up to Mike at one point during the afternoon and tell him that if he didn’t want me to go on the date, he needed to tell me.  He said that he wanted me to go, because if this was a guy that made me happy, he wanted me to be happy.  Ladies, that is sacrificial love right there.  He put his own wants aside that day in case this was to be the guy I would marry.  Although I had a great time on the date, I kept thinking of Mike all night.  Sure enough the blind date guy never contacted me again, and the next day my husband started pursuing me with good morning text messages, invites to baseball games, and inviting himself to church with me.

IMG_00307.JPGIn our wedding vows I said “they say to love another person is to see the face of God, and to me you are the living expression of God’s kindness.  You are the most generous, loving, selfless person I have ever known.  You love me in my good days, and when I feel unlovable.  Over the past few years you have become the place that feels like home, the place where I feel safe.  I am blessed that you have chosen to share your love with me, and that I get to grow old next to an amazing man!” Years later, married for almost 4 years, these vows have only grown in truth… truth that when God says “not this one, I have something better for you”, His word is true.

We had to go to the ER with Charlie last week because he caught the dreaded stomach bug. The doctors wanted to get fluids in him because he seemed to be fairly dehydrated.  Let me tell you… Charlie was NOT a fan of the IV…at all.  Seriously you would think the nurses were killing him.  However, the blessing in all of this was to see Mike really stepped up as a dad to hold Charlie and try to comfort him.  Once Charlie chilled out he was laying in his dad’s arms and Mike was telling him how brave and courageous he was, and how God answered our prayers in comforting him.  He told him this is why they have all the conversations in the car about how God made him brave because when things like this happen God wants him to be brave and courageous like his middle name (Joshua).  My husband wowed me in this moment.

There have been so many times over the years, where I just kind of sit back and reflect on how blessed we are because we followed God’s leading.  When I think of our life, it still feels like “home”.  Although we didn’t see it 6-7 years ago, there is no one I would rather do life with.  I have no doubts that Mike will continue to wow me as we continue as man and wife, parenting Charlie and to Olivia when she is born. 

“If You Only Knew What I Have For You”

Beautiful one, I know that most of you are already married, but these truths carry over into every aspect of life.  From jobs, to ministry work, to where to live.  Although it can be hard, because we want what we want, it is always worth it to wait for what God has for you, and to walk the path of the One who already knows what is ahead of you.  In the times He says “I have something better for you”, take Him at this word.  His word is true.  His word is flawless.

For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does.

Psalm 33:4

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