The Story Of Our Wedding Cake

wedding cake

Have I ever told you the story about our wedding cake? It’s a good one. Like really good.

When looking for someone to do our wedding cake, we ended up going with a customer at the store I worked at. She was a fairly new customer, and one day she was showing me all of the wedding cakes she had done for her customers. They looked amazing, and after a quick taste testing we decided to hire her to do our cake. (P.S.- the cake she gave me to taste was amazing and exactly what I wanted!)

She seemed great to work with at first, and her price was reasonable. But as our wedding day got closer, something began to feel off with her, and details started to contradict one another. But our wedding date was approaching fast, and we had already paid her, so there wasn’t much we could do.

We had signed the contract, and paid the money… things would work out with the cake right?

This was about to be a story that they would probably write in the reception hall’s book of crazy events that would happen at a wedding…

The day of our wedding everything was going seamlessly, but as we began to take our photos in thewedding garden garden at the reception place, the owner, John, kind of hovered to the side of the garden waiting for a moment to come speak to us. Weird.

When we had a break, he came over and kindly told us that there was a delay in the cake delivery, as they were stuck in traffic, but they should get there in time for the cake cutting (which you know kind of involves the cake).

Cool. No problem. Carrying on…

Cocktail hour finishes, the bridal party is introduced, we have our first dance, the maid of honor and best man give their speeches… then John comes over again. (We always liked John. John was very down to earth, easy to work with, and we would highly recommend anyone to have their reception at his place.) This time he is telling us that our cake got in a car accident, in the “Audi” that they brought it in. So much for the company van that was supposed to bring the cake.

And the cake didn’t look like the cake we ordered or were expecting. John promised the kitchen staff was doing everything they could to make the cake look “presentable”. He said it so kindly and calm.  And this is what I will say about the cake. It didn’t even look like the cake had been in an accident. It just looked really bad. Like it was made by someone who pretended to be a professional baker, and she had.

This was my face…

wedding cake story

Now, when we saw the cake, we told them not to even do the cake cutting. It looked like a 5-year-old had made it. And I can say with confidence that it wasn’t the work of the reception workers that made it so bad. It was just made that poorly. And it tasted nothing like the amazing cake I tasted. It tasted like Betty Crocker made it. Still good, but not like a typical wedding cake that costs $500.

wedding cakeWe asked the photographer to take a really quick photo at the best angle possible, so at least we had a picture of it. (If you need a photographer for your engagement photos, or wedding photos, we highly recommend Airen Miller Photography! All photos in this post besides featured image were taken by him.)

John told us that the baker said she would follow up with us about the accident. But by the time we got back from our 2 week honeymoon, we had not heard a word.

I emailed her a couple days after we got back, and with no apology or explanation promised to make us a small cake that we could freeze to have on our one-year anniversary (you know like traditionally you would freeze the top layer of your cake for this). And after 3 weeks of saying “oh it will be done tomorrow”, and no follow through with the promise over and over, we finally told her to call this an “act of God” as it was stated in the contract, and just let it go.

So what does this have to do with faith?

Just like we have people who will make false promises, and people who don’t follow through on their “end of the deal, ” there is a bigger enemy in life. His name is Satan. And he hates God. He is called the “father of lies”, and he is really good at making sin look really good.

But here is the thing. Disobedience and sin is never a good thing. Ever. And when Satan gets you to do what he wants, he will never rescue you. That is not his goal, desire, or purpose. His goal is to get you to be disobedient to God, and make you believe that His way isn’t that great. He will abandon you, and leave you with no hope. And we see this with Adam and Eve. What was he doing when they were naked and afraid? Not coming to their defense. Not clothing them, and not calling them out of hiding.

He will make you promises on delivering a beautiful wedding cake, mess your wedding cake up, drop it off and let someone else fix the mess, then make more promises, and allow the promises to return void every single time.

Then there is God…

He will come to you in the garden. Just like John came to us in the garden. He says “in this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world”. There is hope. He will come to us in our brokenness. He calls us out of hiding. Doesn’t abandon us. Because the only thing He abandoned was the grave.

He is full of truth and grace. Always fulfills His promises, His word never returning void. Always meeting our needs, just as He met the needs of Adam and Eve when they were naked and afraid.

Nothing ever surprises Him, because He has gone before us. He doesn’t leave us in the dark, because in His son, Jesus was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. That light shines in the darkness of night.

This God loves you. He comes to you. He desires for you to take heart, be strong and courageous. Be still. Have faith. And trust in Him. He will never fail you, as He is unchanging.

Just believe. Jesus is the truth. And the truth, will set you free.

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  1. This was a great post! Thank yoiu. The picture of your face when hearing the news about your cake is priceless 😂

    I love knowing that our God is true and faithful. And what you said is sooo true that he’ll never abandon us. The only thing He ever abandoned was the grave! Amen!

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