The One Reason We Should Just Have Faith

Just believe. Just have faith.

Has anyone ever said that to you?

I know people who have spoken against those phrases saying that they are not helpful. And I get it, I want the answers too. When God speaks, I want to know the what, where, when, how, and why. And you know what? Sometimes He actually gives me the answers, sometimes He gives me glimpses of the why. There are times when He will tell me what steps to take, and which path to follow.

But sometimes He encourages me to step out of the boat in faith alone.

Those times can be really hard. You can be stuck wondering if you heard His leading right. This past Fall, I was stuck wondering Why a lot. What I believed to be true was challenged more than it ever had been before, and I was left considering if His promise was really true.

It really isn’t a fun place to be. Feeling like everything you knew to be true was turned upside down and flipped on its side. Why God? Why lead me to this place? This place of uncertainty and feeling of confusion. I don’t like that place, not at all.

But let me tell you about the icing on my uncertainty cake. Read more of my new post for Candidly Christian here.

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