The Day My Friend Went And Got A Baby

What happened to your face? That was the question I was asked when I dropped Charlie and Olivia off at their daycare on Wednesday. It took a brief look in the mirror to realize why I was asked that question. I had mascara all over my face from the night before. Now my husband had told me before I left the house that I had it on my face, but he didn’t tell me that is was as bad as it was and that I shouldn’t have left the house with my face in the condition it was.

Normally this happens when I am having a rough day, but Wednesday was different. I was so consumed with thoughts of God’s faithfulness, that the thought of looking into the mirror didn’t occur to me. 


While she waited, she waited on Him.

I titled this post “The Day My Friend Went And Got A Baby”, but the truth is adoption is not a quick process. It was years ago (like 7 to be exact) when God first placed adoption on my friend Jen’s heart. And Wednesday I woke up to a text that caused me to be consumed by His faithfulness. When you wake up today please know that His joy comes in the morning… May 23rd will forever be the best day of my life. (and there was a blue heart emoji included)

It was on May 23rd that Parker Austin Weant was born. I will be letting Jen share her story of her adoption journey on the blog, but from a friends perceptive, it was a long road of waiting. But while she waited, she waited on Him and His perfect plan. And let me tell you a truth. God wasn’t just faithful in the outcome, He was faithful in the waiting.

God is good, His word is true, and that is enough

When I received that text I felt an immediate and unspeakable joy consume me. It was a joy that could only come from knowing a God that is always faithful to His word. I felt like my heart was bursting with confirmation of the truth that He is who He says He is. There was no mountain to high that He couldn’t move by just the softest whisper. There was no room for the doubt, fear, insecurity, or feelings of unworthiness that can often cloud my thoughts. Apparently there also was no room for me to remember to look in the mirror either, and you know what? It didn’t matter, because God is good, His word is true, and that is enough.

But His faithfulness came at a cost too. Jen’s joy, comes at another mom’s sacrifice. Just like our joy comes because of the faithful sacrifice of another. Jesus. His crucifixion on the cross is the painful sacrifice that took our guilt and shame. The sacrifice and pain that He willingly endured so that we could have new life.

His resurrection leaves no room for what was paid for on the cross.

I think of another mom, Mary, who probably thought that she had lost it all when she watched as her son died a humiliating death on a cross after He cried out “my God my God, why have you forsaken me?”. I can only imagine that she may have had some doubts and fears as well. The son, who turned water into wine, was hanging on a cross for all to see. Then came Sunday morning, when joy came. I can imagine the joy that she felt when she saw her son alive. The joy she felt because He was faithful to His word. I imagine that she felt like I did, that there was no room to focus on the doubts and the fears, only room for reflections of His faithfulness.

Imagine if we lived life out of knowing His faithfulness, unencumbered by doubts and fears, and insecurity. What if, we woke up every morning with hearts full of gratitude despite our circumstances? What if while we waited, we waited on Him? I think… no,  I know that if we did that His faithfulness would shine, and be on full display.


God, there are so many times that I focus on doubts and fears. I confess that there are times that I can be consumed with how unworthy I am, instead of focusing on how worthy You are. It is You who proves faithful, and when we focus on your goodness there is no room for our doubt, fears, and insecurities. Help us to be consumed with who You are. Help us to be consumed with your faithfulness, because we know that Your resurrection leaves no room for what was paid for on the cross. Amen.

Praying that you have the type of day that you are so consumed with this faithfulness that you forget to look in the mirror.

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