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The Story Of Abraham Finding Isaac A Wife

Cliff notes version:  (for the full version click here) Shortly before Abraham passed away, he was concerned with his son Isaac finding a wife. Although there were Cannonite women where they lived that Isaac could marry, he was worried because they were idol worshipers, and Abraham was concerned for his families future generations. (Stay with me…)
Abraham sent his senior servant to his native land to find a godly woman to become Isaac’s wife. The servant set out with his 10 camels to Abraham’s native land and it was near time for the women of the town to come draw water, so he had his camels kneel by the well outside town. He asked God to make him successful in that he would find the young woman that God had chosen to marry Isaac, and that when he asked for water that she would offer him water for his camels as well. Before he had even finished his prayer, a woman named Rebekah came out with a jug of water. She was beautiful and pure. And just like the senior servant prayed, Rebekah not only gave him water to drink when asked, but also offered him as much water as the camels would drink. I’ve always been struck by Rebekah’s genuine kindness and her willingness to go above and beyond what was “expected”.  She could have just gone about her business and just got the water (although it was normal to offer water to a stranger at the well, it was not common to offer the camels water)… she stepped out in kindness and did more than expected.

Over the past month, we have really witnessed our friends and family being “Rebekah’s” and going above and beyond for us when we had the miscarriage.  From selflessly cooking and bringing us meals (or ordering takeout for us), to the honest thoughtful words and most importantly prayers during our time of heartbreak.  It was the love and care that we felt that helped us get through the toughest time in our lives when we sometimes couldn’t think past the next few minutes that were in front of us.

Kari Jobe wrote recently in an Instagram post about what she has been learning through her sister who lost her baby- still born at 7 months.

“Religious Christianese terms or phrases don’t help- they actually shut someone down.  But true emotion and walking through the valley with someone in this place helps.”

I want to share with you something that happened this week after my dog, Bella, passed away unexpectedly.  My brother has done a lot of things over the years to support me. He hosted a BBQ to help me raise money for when I went to Rwanda (he raised over half of my money that day!!!), he emptied his piggy bank when he was like 17 to help me buy a plane ticket to go to California for spring break one year…the list can go on.  But what he did this week brought me and Mike to tears and trumps any other way he has supported me. Those of you who know me, know that I have had Bella for a little over 11 years.  I got her when I was in California, she has slept with me every night since I brought her back to Connecticut in 2005.  She was the most loyal dog.  She was attached to my hip, even during Charlies late night nursing sessions when he was first born.  She loved a lot of things… such as pizza crust and pancakes… but what she LOVED most was soft fuzzy blankets.  You could always find her nuzzled in or under one.  After she passed away, my brother offered to come over the next morning and bury her.  That in itself was a beautiful, humble thing… because let me be honest, burying my dog sounded heart wrenching!  But I got an email from him after he had layed her to rest that said this “Bella loved being cuddled up in a blanket, so when I layed her to rest for a final time, I wrapped her up in a towel so she would be comfortable forever”.  This may seem like something so little, but the thought behind this was so genuine and real, and left me and my husband speechless.

God never intended for us to walk this life alone.  He created us for community, and one of the reasons for community is to come alongside our friends and family in times of need.  I am going to ask you to do something that may seem uncomfortable, I encourage you to do it anyway.   Take your hands, put them in front of you (palms up), close your eyes and say “God, what can I do with these hands today to show genuine love to a friend, family member, neighbor?  Take these hands, use them.”  Did someone come to mind that you need to love?  This act of love doesn’t have to be earth shattering.  It honestly may be reaching out and letting them know that they are beautiful… it may be asking that person that you have been meaning to contact to go out for coffee… or it may be to come along side someone in prayer during a difficult time… or it may be something bigger.

I wonder what was going through Rebekah’s head as she walked up to the servant.  I wonder if she felt God’s nudge… that feeling that you can’t go a step further until you do what God lead’s you to do… I wonder if she felt the exact words that God put on her tongue to say…God is a God of details, so He probably will lead you to do something specific to the needs of the person who comes to mind (like he did with Abraham’s senior servant).  What may seem so little to you, may mean the world to someone else.

God, take our hands…

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