Where You Are In The Garden

Tonight is the night before Good Friday, and I have been doing a lot of thinking of what events that happened the night before Jesus died on the cross, especially in regards to what happens in the garden. Here my thoughts, on where I want to find myself tonight.

Be Still And Know

What does it really mean to "be still, and know He is God"? I used to think that the verse meant to spend time with God, read my Bible, and write in my prayer journal. And those are all good things, and I am not saying those things are not important, because they are vital! So, please keep reading your Bible, keep praying, keep finding those quiet times with God. I want to take this a step further though, because lots of people read their Bible, pray, and don't really know God. 

Blessed Is She

Years ago, I was at a guard competition and as one of the guards put on a stellar show, I watched as their coach threw a stuffed bear in the air in utter joy for what she witnessed. That picture has stayed with me since, and reflects what happens in my heart when He surely is faithful to fulfill His promises.