How To Break Down Your Barbie Dream House

Barbie had everything she could ever want. A wardrobe that would fit any occasion, from work to play, from beaches to weddings. She always had a smile on her face. A beautiful dream house that was never messy, and it never fell apart. In Barbie's dream house there was no room for hardship, or anything that wasn't happy. Barbie never looked in the mirror, and didn't like what she saw. She wasn't insecure, and didn't have confidence issues. She never felt like she wasn't enough. 

Blessed Is She

Years ago, I was at a guard competition and as one of the guards put on a stellar show, I watched as their coach threw a stuffed bear in the air in utter joy for what she witnessed. That picture has stayed with me since, and reflects what happens in my heart when He surely is faithful to fulfill His promises.