3 Truths To Rest In, In The Storm

how to endure a storm

Today my new post for Candidly Christian goes up. It is actually a bit funny as it is titled “3 Truths to Rest in Jesus in the Storm”, because yesterday I got caught in a bit of a “storm”, sort of. We were on the island on my parents boat, and my friend and her family anchored offshore on the other side of the island. I wanted to go say hi, so I walked and then went to swim out to them.

I got about 75% of the way to the boat, but then I hit a bad current, and although I am a good swimmer, the current prevented me from making it to the boat and started to drift me away from the boat.

My friend had to tie a raft to the boat to drift out to me to get me to their boat safely.

Technically, I wasn’t in danger, because I just would have ended up on someone else’s boat, or paddleboard. But fighting the current was definitely a struggle, and this brings me to my post for Candidly Christian on 3 ways in rest in Jesus, in a storm.

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