My Favorite Things

What is my favorite Bible? My favorite Bible studies or books I am currently reading? Who are my favorite Christian authors?

I am so glad that you asked! Because I am a reader, and will willingly share some of the things that have helped grow my faith over the years.

Here is a list(affiliate links included!):

What is my favorite Bible?

I have about 10 different Bibles, because I read them all for different reasons, here are a few.

But This Is My Favorite Bible To Read And Give As A Gift!

I do love this Bible. It is in an easy-to-read version, and the pages are beautiful. You will also find heartwarming devotions scattered throughout.

And The Only Bible Ever Given To Me As A Gift!

This Bible was given to me by a dear friend, and it is beautiful! The pages are clean, and the words of Jesus are in red. If you are looking to give someone a Bible that will last through the generations, this is the gift to give!

My Favorite Bible Studies!

As you will see more below, I love Angie Smith. But that is because she writes in a way that I can understand and comprehend! She writes in a way that helps me to understand scripture, and helps me to see things in scripture that I have never seen before.

If you are looking for straight-up Bible study, these may be for you. They are easy to understand but help you to read, understand, and apply scripture to your life. It helps you see that even those the Bible was written long ago, the truths still apply today.

Christian Living

Last but certainly not least are my favorite Christian living books. I am a creator of habit, and you will see the same authors listed! That is because I found what I like, so I know where to go when a new book is released by my favorite authors.

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