Let’s Talk About Faith!

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Faith: Let’s Talk About It!

Faith Talk releases Friday, but you can pre-order today! But let’s talk about it. What is Faith Talk?

I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity (along with about 19 others) to share parts of my faith in this new anthology by Heather Hart, the founder of Candidly Christian.

In my 3 pieces: Do You Fear God, The Love Of The Word, and Faith Through The Storm, I share about what I learned through the loss of a loved one, how I learned to love God’s Word, and how God brought us through Hurricane Maria (and how that still affects me today).

But that is just a small part of the book. Real women, share about other real struggles such as disbelief, anxiety, cancer, and so much more!

“Whether you are head-over-heels in love with Jesus but struggle to put your faith into words or you aren’t quite sure about this whole Jesus thing, Faith Talk lets you know that you aren’t alone.

But it doesn’t stop there, it’s designed to bring real Christian women alongside readers to help them see the gospel at work in their lives – whether that’s for the first time or the ten-thousandth time.”

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faith talk



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