Let’s Put On Some Confidence

A few months ago I took a trip to Texas. For those of you who don’t know, I have a fear of flying. I fly a couple times a year, and it doesn’t get easier.

Before I left for the airport the day of my trip, I put on make-up, curled my hair, put on a cuter than normal outfit for going to the airport, and heels. For me looking good makes me feel more confident…this also represents something pretty significant for me (find out by reading my post)

And recently, I had to be confident. What I had to do was hard, it was another fear. So I did something similar. In my new blog post for Candidly Christian, you can read about what I had to do, why I had fear, what happened when I faced my fear, and another type of confidence we can have.

And in case you missed them…. here are my past 3 blog posts!

How I Know He Goes Before Me

I often pray that God will go before me, but when we pray that are we praying that in fear, or in truth? Here is what I learned about Him going before me.



What A Sunburn Taught Me About Grace

This summer I got a really bad sunburn. It ended up being a second degree burn that took over a week to go away. Let me tell you one mistake I will never make again. I will never again forget not to put sunscreen on certain parts of my body…. but let me tell you what this taught me about grace.

Let’s Talk About The “F” Word….Again

If you liked my post for Candidly Christian today, you will also love this one, as it is part of the same story. This is another word that is hard to live out, but a lesson we can all live out so we can live in freedom.

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