July 2011

Flashback Friday!  I began reading through a couple of devotionals tonight and wanted to share with you something that I wrote a few years ago.  Although I cannot remember why I wrote what I did and what He was leading me to do, the message is one that has stayed with me over the years.

July 2011

“Very recently I got to a place in my faith that really scared me.  God was bringing me to a depth that I didn’t know existed, and honestly I didn’t know if I even wanted to go.  He was entrusting me with things that I probably wouldn’t trust myself with.  On Easter Sunday I heard a message on “going where God leads you”.  That message really got me thinking about where He has been taking me and how beautiful He is, and I got inspired to go where He would lead.  During worship that night, I made a promise that I would go where He lead me and to not be afraid.  The very next day God presented a task for me…and this wasn’t a small task by any means.  This task is going to take time, and energy and patience, and A LOT of love.  It was very apparent to me that God wanted me to do this, but my fear kicked in and I said “God, I am not qualified for this!”  And you know what He said? He said “Remember that promise you made to me last night?  Your right, you are not qualified for this…but I am!”  How comforting to know that in our failures, He IS.  In our insecurities, He IS.  In our fears, He gives us hope.  In our weakness, He gives us strength, HE makes a way.

Philippians 4:13 says “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”   I have no idea where God is going to take me this year with this task, but I will be strong and courageous knowing that my God is strong and able when I am not.  I will trust He is confident where He leads me, even when I am not, and He will light my path.  So be strong courageous, knowing that you serve a mighty God, a strong God, and most important a loving God who will never abandon you.”

As I said earlier, this is a message that has popped its head up in my life over and over again since I wrote this.  I promise to go where He will lead, only to shrink back in fear and insecurity… the promise to do whatever He has for me, only to question how it will ever happen… the promise that my life is His… only to want to do things my way.  I can tell you story after story of how God wins, of how He moves mountains to accomplish His will, how He split the sea for those who follow Him to walk through it.  I think it is really easy to try to rely on our own strength and what makes sense to us, and forget His promise and His leading…  the promise that He will never leave us… the promise that we can do all things only in Christ that gives us strength… the promise that He has overcome the world… the promise that He is.

Have you made the promise to go where He leads?  Beautiful one, if you have not made that promise, make it today.   He will always give you everything you need, at the exact time, to carry out the path He has before you.

Have you made the promise to go where He leads only to sink back into fear?  Remember who is leading you!

He will never leave you… walk the path He has before you in His confidence!

Over the next 2-3 weeks I will be sharing different ways God has lead me… sometimes He has lead me to go, sometimes He has lead me to wait, and other times He has lead me to say no.  For now I leave you with a beautiful song straight out of Bethel. I hope it encourages you to follow where He leads.

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