I. Call. Victory.

This past week has been a whirl wind. I was preparing for a work trip not only in the office, but also at home. It was a week of transitioning to Mike putting Olivia down for sleep, as I usually do it, Charlie getting diagnosed early last week with a “little cold” , and pretty much almost everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I am sure you are familiar with those types of weeks. Progressively Charlie got worse and worse, and knowing I was leaving for a business trip later in the week, Mike and I sat down and said “What do we do? He is extremely fussy, won’t sleep, has a constant fever, and is barely eating. This is not a little cold”. We struggled with the decision to call the doctor again because we didn’t want to take him in on a weekend for just a “little cold”, but we also knew that we had to stand in defense for our son, when we knew something wasn’t right. So we made another appointment and sure enough he had a sinus infection. It was only a couple days later that we saw vast improvement in his demeanor and sleep.


Every day we face our own battles.  This week along with everything else, I felt like I kept getting bad news.  Sickness, the invasion of irrational thoughts that brought anxiety, insurance denials that we prayed would be accepted, and news of deaths. Everywhere I turned the battle was raging on around me, and sometimes I shed tears in behalf of those that I love.

For those of you have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I get panicky on airplanes.  But I am actually writing this from a plane in peace, a plane that earlier this week I feared that, even with anxiety medicine, I would not be on. Irrational scenarios penetrated my brain, and the day before I was supposed to leave as I was driving home from work, the thoughts overwhelmed me. What if the plane crashes? Who will mother my children? Will Charlie remember me?  Olivia surely won’t, she is too young. Complete disclosure friends, those thoughts were heart breaking to me. Tears flowed, lots of tears. So I drove right to church, and had my friend pray for me. She called this out for what it was, the “thief” trying to steal, kill, and destroy my peace, and she did what she knew to do to put this situation in its rightful place. She prayed, and the peace that passes understanding washed over me to the depths of my soul.

When we pray in the name of Jesus we invite His victory into our lives. 

It was this week that I remembered a very important truth.  Just as we stood in defense 3 Ways to stand in the battle- (1)of our son when he was sick, God stands in our defense  in our battles and gives us victory through His son Jesus. He fights battles for me, and He fights battles for those who love Him… including you. So I called VICTORY! I said, God, Jesus told us that in this world we will have trouble, but you will overcome the world.  I call VICTORY! Your word says that You who go before us will fight our battles against our enemies and give us victory. So I call that VICTORY. In my times of irrational thinking, I was reminded that His word reigns, and that He silences the lies of the enemy. I call VICTORY. And while on the cross, before Jesus took His last breath, He declared It is finished. Our debt has been paid in full. He carried our sorrows, was pierced for our offenses, and the punishment that brought us peace was on Him. (Isaiah 53:5) It is finished. But the story is just beginning friends. He defeats death!  He rises from the grave. Oh glorious day. The battle against death has been won. He indeed has over come.

Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life.
James 1:12

What battle are you facing? Problems in your marriage? Anxiety? Is your heart troubled? Issues at work? Bad news about loved ones? Remember where to turn your eyes when the fight calls.  Cry victory in the name of Jesus, because He tramples death and overcomes the grave!

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