What’s In A Name?

If you ever want to feel like a fraud, write a blog. Seriously. More times than not, I feel inadequate in the things that I share because so many times I feel my faith and trust in Jesus isn't strong enough to put out there for the world wide web to read. And if you want to feel like a bigger fraud, change your blog's domain name to your own name. But that is what I did. I have been thinking about it for about 6-8 months now, but felt it was prideful. However once I started having major problems with my site, I decided to switch blog platforms again, which would mean designing a whole new site, and with that I decided to change the name of my blog again to a name that will never change. But there is another name that is unchanging...

How To Live An Abundant Life When The Enemy Comes In

I had just moved into a new apartment. It was right at that time that I began to have dreams of a man being in my apartment when I was not there. He was never nice, sometimes he would be sitting on my bed, and other times he would be sitting on my couch. The dreams were a bit unnerving. As the weeks and months went on strange things began to happen. My dog would bark at seemingly nothing. When I got home my television and lights would randomly be on. My kitchenware began to disappear, along with my favorite blanket and candles.

Who You Are

"You better hope you and Mike never have children".  That is something that was said to me about two months before I got pregnant with Charlie.  Those are words that someone who is hoping to get pregnant never should hear right before getting pregnant. That was a phrase similar to a lot of lies that … Continue reading Who You Are

But Who Am I?

So you know those nightmares you have before you get married, or have a baby, or start a new job?  You know the one where your wedding dress falls off, or your maid of honor falls into the cake?  Or the one where you baby comes out an alien, of a ferocious sea creature!?  Well … Continue reading But Who Am I?