4 Things to Remember When Facing Disappointment

Happy Monday! As you can see my blog schedule is a little off this week. But my new post for Candidly Christian is up today! Take a read by following the link below!

There are some faces I’ll never forget. And as God would have it, there was a face from Rwanda I would never forget.

It was eight years ago, and we were waiting to go have lunch at the missionary compound by Kibagora Hospital. We had a little time, so our team decided to do some silly songs with the children. One of the children became attached to me. She couldn’t have been older than 3 at the time, and after only a short few minutes she wouldn’t leave my side and needed to be holding my hand.

At one point she laid on my lap and asked me if she could bring me home with her. I cried as the translator pried her out of my arms because she was holding on to me so tightly. As I walked away I knew I couldn’t look back because my heart would have just broke worse than it already was doing. Read More

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