4 Reasons Not To Follow Jesus

why we should follow Jesus

woman following jesus Why should I follow Jesus?

I can tell you a ton of reasons that you shouldn’t. But I share with you today on Candidly Christian 4 reasons not to follow Jesus. And they probably aren’t what you would think!

It is always ironic when I write these posts 2 months before they are actually posted. This weekend, I got the opportunity to interview one of my dearest friends in front of a room of 150 women. She has been arrested for the sake of the name of Jesus and carries the joy of the Lord. That joy really defies her circumstances.

And after she shared, we were on our knees praying that when Jesus asks us “Are you going to leave too?” our answer will always be “Where else would we go?”

Why shouldn’t you follow Jesus?

My friend knows all too well, the reasons why the answer to that question could very well be “because it is too hard.” Just as many of us possibly could.

But today after sharing 4 reasons why you shouldn’t follow Jesus, I share 7 reasons why our answer to Him should always be “Where else would we go?”

And as you read, that is my prayer for you. That you always answer Him saying “where else would I go?”

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