3 Things Peter Teaches Me About Responding To God

How many of you are parents? Right now my children are ages 5 and 3, and the responses that come out of their mouths can be pretty funny. But sometimes they can be a little flustering.

But I have come to realize that the way they respond to me, and the way that I respond to God can be very similar!

Read more about this, and 3 things that Peter teaches me about responding to God in my latest post on Candidly Christian!

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And in case you missed last weeks post, take some time to read my thoughts on the Coronavirus, and how that coincides with faith and fear.

So, one of the big things taking up the spot light in the news is the Coronavirus. As I write this, there was one confirmed case of the virus at our local hospital, and there have been actions taken to prepare the school system in our town to close for 2 weeks. That is a decision that will probably come in a couple days the latest, but I am guessing they are waiting to see if this thing is going to spread in our town before making a firm decision.

As I watch the news, and see what is being posted on social media, it can be really easy to fall into fear about this thing, and I know that so many people are. Read more


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